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So here’s the scoop…

Click the button to get on the list for our next “Wedding Planning Challenge,” a fun filled wedding planning course coming soon. I will be personally working with a group of brides and grooms to walk them step by step through the wedding planning process.

The course will take place inside a small, private Facebook group. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is planning their own wedding, who has a hands on approach and would like some guidance along the way.


Is This Really Free?

Yep, it sure is. No strings attached. I’m not sure if it will be free in the future, but right now I am offering it at no charge to a select couples who want to play along and have some fun helping each other plan their weddings.


Why is This Called a “Challenge?”

Because I am challenging all of you to plan a stunning wedding that fits your style and personality and stays within your budget. I challenge each of you to dig deep and think about what this day means to you and how you want to show up. I challenge you to think outside the box. To be unique. To find solutions. To stay calm and enjoy the experience. I’m here to guide you through the planning process, to provide information and resources. I will support you along the way, cheer for you and celebrate with you.

Let’s have some fun.

Who this is for…

Perfect for couples who:

  • Are recently engaged and just started to figure out what kind of wedding they would like to have
  • Might not be in a position to hire a “full-service” wedding planner
  • Want to make their wedding budget stretch as far as they possibly can
  • Don’t have much experience planning a wedding or large parties
  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the wedding details
  • Panicked about how they are going to be able to pay for a wedding
  • Don’t want to have a boring, cookie-cutter wedding and want to include some personal elements and cool ideas
  • Enjoy learning in a group setting
  • Are willing to participate in discussions and support one another
  • ALL cultures, genders and wedding budgets are welcome

Who this is NOT for:

  • Couples who who would prefer to spend more money than time
  • Anyone is is going to be judgemental, shame someone for their ideas, or not be willing to follow the simple rules of the group


Getting Started

Let’s start by building a solid foundation for your wedding. Starting out with a plan,  getting organized, and developing your wedding vision.

Money Matters

Paying for a wedding sucks! But it is also a topic that needs to be addressed right from the start.

We get down and dirty and talk about money.  This is important so you know exactly how much you can spend in each area of your wedding based on your own personal preferences.  You will learn how to create a super detailed and realistic budget as well as how to stick to it.

Planning Timeline

What needs to be done when. Don’t put the cart before the horse and do things in the wrong order. Are you hesitating to set a date due to COVID and so many unknowns? We’ll discuss things you can work on now, even before a date is selected.

Wedding Venue

The decision that will probably have the biggest impact on your wedding day is your choice of venue. Your venue sets the stage and ambiance. It influences your style, colors and order of events, and this one decision will single handedly affect your entire wedding budget more than any other decision. I’ll share a handy venue comparison tool with you and we’ll brainstorming ideas to discover some unexpected options.

Guest List

Who is coming to this party? How to make tough decisions. Kids or no kids. What about plus ones? Who is attending in person, and who gets a Zoom link?

Here we tackle your guest list.  So not only will you know who to invite, but you’ll also be able to navigate those sticky conversations when dealing with unwanted guests. 

Bridal Party

Who to choose, how to ask, what is their role? Big party or little? How to handle problem party members, and how to ask someone to step down if things go south. Bridesmaid proposal box ideas and resources. Bridal attire and expectations.

Setting the Date with Confidence

Tips for choosing the right date. Dates to avoid, and other unexpected nuances to consider. Choosing the right ceremony time that makes the most sense.

Finding and Hiring Your Dream Vendors

Coordinator, caterer, DJ, photographer, videographer, and more. How to find those hidden gems, and what questions to ask to make a confident decision. Learn the ins and outs of a vendor contract and what red flags to look for.  

Learn how to hire the vendors that are specifically right for you, so you can get the appropriate level of service for your budget and your priorities without wasting money on more than you need.  You’ll discover what to look for and what to avoid so you don’t end up disappointed on your wedding day.  We’ll cover what to ask each different vendor, so nothing gets overlooked.  We’ll go over how to read the contracts and some specific things to look out for so you can stay out of trouble.  I’ll teach you the best ways to negotiate so you can get the most value and plenty of realistic cost-cutting suggestions in each category to maximize your budget.

Wedding Attire

What to do before you go gown shopping, who to take, what to look for, how you know when you’ve found “the one.” Tips for bridal party attire and the ins and outs of suits and tuxes.

COVID Considerations

Weddings look a little different right now. We’ll cover some ideas for navigating planning a wedding during this uncertain time.

The Ceremony

The ceremony is the focal point of the day. Understand the structure of the ceremony, writing your own vows, selecting readings, music details, unity rituals, and more, including making it meaningful and legal.

Let’s have a party! Wedding Receptions!

The flow of events, incorporating your personalities, entertaining guests, floor plans, décor and more. This is the meat and potatoes of your big day and there is a lot to discuss.


We’ll cut through the confusion, discuss etiquette, how to gather addresses, resources and discounts, digital options, and save the dates.

Gift Registries

Where to register, how to register, what to register for? And can you politely ask for cash? (the answer might surprise you)

Lots of Details

Favors, surprising guest book ideas, meaningful ways to remember lost loved ones, wedding themes, pre-wedding parties and lots of other goodies.

Putting It All Together

This is the make or break point of having a smooth wedding. Together we will walk through structuring a very detailed wedding day timeline so nothing is overlooked or forgotten and the day flows nicely. I highly recommend that everyone has a “day-of” wedding coordinator, but if you are not able to, or choose not to, we will discuss how to conduct a ceremony rehearsal, what to include in an emergency kit, and I’ll share checklists and spreadsheets to help you keep everything on track.

How to Afford Your Wedding

Often everyone’s favorite part of the training, this is where we’ll go over general cost-cutting advice, tips to save money, where to splurge, and where to cut back. DIY advice, flowers and decorating hacks, and food and beverage money savers.

Hi! I’m Shanda

Dog loving, wine sipping, wedding connoisseur, and founder of the Wedding Planning Club.

It’s nice to meet you!




It’s Going to be fun!