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So here’s the scoop…

Our vendor partner program is a referral driven solution for connecting our members with quality wedding vendors. Our members recommend their favorite vendors – companies and individuals who were wonderful to work with and offer a fabulous product or service at a great value. These are businesses our members loved and are happy to recommend to other members.

We also encourage our vendor members to apply for our program, and we are constantly on the search for quality companies to add to our network.

So if you are looking at your screen, staring at this webpage, and reading these words right now, there is a reason you are here. Go ahead and click the button to get started and apply to be a part of our family of kick-ass wedding vendors. There is really no reason not to sign up for this program.  FAQs at the bottom of the page.

How it All Started…

The Wedding Planning Club was originally created in 2016 as an online course to help engaged couples plan their wedding from start to finish. It also includes a very active community of engaged couples in our Facebook Group

One of the biggest challenges our members face when planning their wedding is locating and identifying exceptional vendors. Vendors who offer a good mix of quality and value. Those vendors aren’t always the companies popping up on the first page of Google, or in a pricey paid spot at the top of wedding directories. We have always had an informal referral system in place. However, we are in the process of rolling out a complete referral distribution platform. This platform will officially launch later in the year. What this means for you is that you are in the right place at the right time! Those who sign up during our initial rollout get a lower cost per lead (referral). Businesses who sign up in the future will sign up at a higher price.

Enjoy the savings!


How do I qualify to be a partner?

The majority of our vendor partners have been referred to us by our members because they loved working with them. We do ask that potential partners meet a few basic requirements:

  • Type of business is wedding related and a good fit for our audience
  • An established business in good standing
  • Positive reviews
  • No negative reviews from our members. If a negative review arises, you will have the opportunity to respond.

Simply click the button on this page to apply to be a partner.

Is there a membership fee or a cost involved?

There is absolutely no cost to join our partner program. You only pay for the leads you receive.

How much do leads cost?

We will always do our best to keep our partner program as cost-effective and beneficial as possible. And, those who join us while we are rolling out the program will get the added value of securing a low cost per lead. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Currently, leads for most local wedding vendors are $5 a lead.

Leads for businesses with statewide, nationwide, or worldwide exposure with higher quantities are $3 to $5 a lead.

We understand that some providers offer a product or service that is very inexpensive. We have a custom plan for you.

We also offer custom solutions on a case by case basis. Let us know what your needs are.

How many leads can I expect to receive?

You can set your monthly maximum number of leads at any level you like. That does not mean we will have that many leads for you, especially in the beginning, but it will put a cap on your monthly expense. This can be changed at any time.

If you are a small business and only need a few new contacts a month, we’ve got you covered. If you are a nationwide provider and want as many leads as possible. No problem.

Will the lead be distributed to my competitors too?

Short answer is yes – if we have another partner in the same area. But keep reading for the good news. Many lead sources distribute their leads to dozens or more competitors. We decided not to do that because we feel that significantly reduces a lead’s true value, and it also overwhelms the customer.

When I meet with a wedding client, my advice to them is to narrow their selections and meet with their top three vendor choices in each category. That is what we do here. When a lead comes in, it is shared with up to three qualified vendors. It is up to each vendor to reach out to the couple and showcase what they have to offer and see if it is a good fit.

Reach out to us if you would like exclusivity in your market area. We can arrange for that.

Where are the couples located?

Our couples are mostly located throughout the United States. However, we do have active members in Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.

Will I be matched with leads near me?

You have complete control of the geographic region of your leads. You can select any size radius around your location, your county, the entire state, multiple states, nationwide, specific countries, or even worldwide. And this can be changed at any time.

Where do the leads come from?

The leads come from our website, Facebook group, or other social media sources. They are engaged couples who fill out a form requesting an introduction to a vendor that matches their needs.

Are they quality leads?

The lead is someone who specifically asked for what you have to offer, within the area you focus on.

A quick response, an excellent first impression, the quality and pricing of your product or service, as well as the effectiveness of your follow up techniques will significantly influence your results.

Leads will vary in levels of intention and timing. Someone might start shopping for a florist now, but not hire a company for another six months. This is when relationship-building skills will make a difference.

Not every lead is going to be a home run. Like any marketing efforts, it is a numbers game.

What if I get a bad lead?

A “bad lead” is defined as one that does not have a valid method of contacting them. If you receive a lead with bad information, simply request a refund inside your dashboard.

If you receive a lead that is not a good match for your style, availability, or price point, use this as an opportunity to refer them to a business that is a good match. It is a great example of quality customer service, the customer will appreciate it, and you can build reciprocity with the other business.

How long is the commitment?

There is no commitment, you can adjust your volume or cancel at any time.


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